SuperLink cable works with Vista


Q1_usb_cable_1Remember that nifty little USB synch cable that came with the Samsung Q1? The SuperLink cable has software built in to the cable itself and allows you to instantly network two computers together. Earlier today, I had to move some software from my UMPC over to my desktop that’s currently running Build 5472 of Microsoft Windows Vista. I suppose I could have just used my network to move the data, but c’mon…

I plugged the SuperLink cable into the Q1 and the desktop running Vista and sure enough, it worked just fine. Vista recognized the cable as a USB mass storage device instantly and within seconds, the SuperLink software fired up. A quick drop-and-drag and my data went zipping from the Q1 over to the Vista desktop at 480 Mbps, which I like to call "Warp Factor 2". Nice to know that once Vista arrives for real, the SuperLink software will be readily usable! I highly recommend one of these in any gadget bag…





SuperLink does not work, don’t waste money on this product. Other USB cable may be.


I just purchased a Samsung Q1 and this cable is wonderful. I can’t get the network mode for internet connection sharing to work though. I can see a new LAN device pop up for both machines but they can’t talk to each other.
Any ideas?

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