HP Repair Watch- Day 5 (final)


The HP tc1100 showed up at my door at 11:35 this morning, only 44 hours and 15 minutes after the device was picked up at my door for the repair.  From the documentation included with the tc1100 it appears that HP replaced the mother board, the Pentium M processor, and the pen receptacle.  The pen receptacle was getting loose from wear, the pen wouldn’t fall out or anything but it was getting harder to click into place.  I had forgotten to mention that in the repair ticket and it’s nice to see that HP noticed it and replaced it.  The tc1100 that was returned is the same unit that I sent, I recognize all the special nicks and marks from heavy usage.  They did reimage the hard drive back to factory conditions which is Windows XP Service Pack 1, so I am now rebuilding it back to my working program set.  I decided not to just reimage with one of my TrueImage backup sets as they all were taken before upgrading to the Office 2007 beta 2.  I figure it is time to rebuild the Tablet anyway so this is what I will be doing for a good while.

HP warranty repair grade-   A+




Just out of curiosity, when they wiped it clean, was it back to essentially a new installation of Windows XP tablet? Or did it have all the garbage that came with it originally (add-on things)?

Chris Magnusson

I’ve always been impressed by HP’s warranty service. I’ve only ever owned iPaq Pocket PC devices made by them, but the service has always been outstanding. Especially the last round of glitches I had where they must’ve sent me out six different devices to correct the issue I was having.


Same response here. Twice. Unfortunately, the third repair wasn’t the charm. Everything that could possible go wrong did, and I ended up having to call a VP at HP to get it resolved. Did it sour me, yeah, kind of, but the TC1100 is still the one to beat, even with it’s 1.2 Ghz processor. We definitely need to implement a Tablet PC Hall of Fame, so we can give this baby a lifetime achievement award!

Stephen Feger

That IS great news. I am impressed. As a fellow TC1100 user, I’m also pleased to see I can still rely on them if need be. Hopefully I won’t have to.

Very, very good news.

David Daugherty

Jk, glad to see that you had pretty much the same great service that I experienced when my TC1000 stopped charging. I sent my tablet in on the Tuesday before last Thanksgiving. The part that blew me away was it was on my doorstep the next Monday following Thanksgiving! 6 days after sending it in over a 4 day holiday weekend.

This kind of service is one of the main reasons I will be upgrading to a TC1100 in the near future, and not another tabletPC manufacturer.

James Arendt

I used HP’s warranty/ADP repair on my nx7000 laptop. The turnaround time was essentially identical, maybe a day shorter than JK’s. I sent it in to repair a flakey power connector. It came back with that fixed along with a fix for the superficial crack on the frame holding the LCD. I didn’t even mention it and they fixed it. Throughout the process, HP’s support was great.

Fortunately, they didn’t wipe my system. :) But, I was still ready for it.


While it is great to see such an efficient service and a most happy ending to this sage, one can only wonder. JK is kind of “TC1100 royalty”, so maybe he got the royal treatment by the HP folks (I am sure they read this blog). Would Joe Schmoe owner of a TC1100 get the same level of service? :>)

I am glad you are up and running again. It would be nice for you to report at some stage about your experience in dealing with the “all of a sudden I lost my computer and need to use my backup PC for a few days” situation.


What is really amazing about this rapid repair is the fact that the tc1100 has been discontinued. Must have some spare parts laying around. :)


Ug I am so tempted to pick one of these up…I’m really hoping that some awesome things come out with Vista pre-installed next year but this is such a great tablet and it can be had at a good price. It’s great to see what a wonderful job HP did with the repair.


Wow, that kind of service and the size of the device almost makes me think about replacing my Q1 with a HP TC1100. I am surprised they were able to crank out the repair and get it back to you so quickly, that is just amazing to me!

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