$100 off Samsung Q1 at Best Buy = $999


Samsung_q1_bbEagle-eyed jkOTR reader (and fellow Q1 owner) Bill spotted the Samsung UMPC for $999 at Best Buy. Apparently, there’s a $100 off sale going on, so if you’ve been thinking about the Q1, you can save yourself almost 10% right now. On the product page, the availability currently shows as "Backordered", but I’d check it regularly; when I ordered my unit in May from Best Buy, the availability status changed several times per day, so you never know.

This price is for the base model, but with the extra $100 savings, you could snag a 1 GB SoDIMM and upgrade your memory pretty quickly. Thanks Bill!



Wow! you’re right. That didn’t last long. It’s still $999 on Fry’s outpost with the tag “Back in stock!”. I called CDW about the Power Bank battery last week. The sales guy was very interested in the Q1. He asked me how I liked and said it was one of the really “hot devices” right now and how he wanted one. He then told me about how the Power Bank is back-ordered right now but they were supposed to get 100 in this week. Seems like all the extended battery options are hard to come by right now. Maybe it’s because of those exploding Sony batteries. Hmm…


Sale appears to be over. Price is $ 1099 again. lm guessing the sale didn’t push wore orders.

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