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MySpace Magazine? Maybe, Maybe Not

It’s close to inevitable in today’s multi-platform age. Put together a sizeable audience for one medium and brainstorms about other potential media are sure to follow — many to be discarded before moving any closer to reality than a thought bubble. The latest variation could be MySpace the mag, reports AdAge, based on insights from “an executive privy to the discussions.” various options are being modeled, including skipping the process altogether. The most likely variation, according to AdAge, would be a magazine published by Nylon; MySpace partnered with the magazine to produce an online area for its annual music issue last May. Nylon already has the publishing structure, so a licensing option could work if they can find the right concept. Then again, this could be one of those thought bubbles that burst.
More on Nylon: The magazine has an intriguing promo underway — fill out a name-and-address form to download the NXTbook Media digital edition of the September issue for free and get two more issues by email. They also show the unpublished pictures from the cover shoot and have a weekly newsletter. Of course, it also has a MySpace profile with a soundtrack.