My first experience on a Mac Pro

Yesterday I received a call that Apple Store UTC had demo units on the floor and I should come check them out. As any deserving person does to test the power of a system, I rebooted the thing. The system was up and running in under 10 seconds from a dark screen. Yeah.

Then I proceeded to open every application using the classic select all – command ‘o’ method. This unit had 23 applications open in 1:14s. Apps like Photoshop, Final Cut, DVD Studio, the entire iLife suite, and all the normal suspects. 3GB of RAM certainly helps this.

It’s a very impressive machine, hands down the fastest and best experience I’ve had on a Mac. Final Cut exported 15 minutes of HD film to H.264 like cutting butter with a hot knife.

Here’s the best part I was told. The stores have the full capability to perform build-to-order Mac Pro’s in house. That means if you want three hard drives, you can get three hard drives. Want 16GB of RAM – Fantastic. There is no need to order online and wait for shipping. Of course, the store has to have the parts on hand. Other than that, they can build the system however you like. In the past, the stores could only add RAM or Airport cards (before they were standard gear).


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