My first experience on a Mac Pro


Yesterday I received a call that Apple Store UTC had demo units on the floor and I should come check them out. As any deserving person does to test the power of a system, I rebooted the thing. The system was up and running in under 10 seconds from a dark screen. Yeah.

Then I proceeded to open every application using the classic select all – command ‘o’ method. This unit had 23 applications open in 1:14s. Apps like Photoshop, Final Cut, DVD Studio, the entire iLife suite, and all the normal suspects. 3GB of RAM certainly helps this.

It’s a very impressive machine, hands down the fastest and best experience I’ve had on a Mac. Final Cut exported 15 minutes of HD film to H.264 like cutting butter with a hot knife.

Here’s the best part I was told. The stores have the full capability to perform build-to-order Mac Pro’s in house. That means if you want three hard drives, you can get three hard drives. Want 16GB of RAM – Fantastic. There is no need to order online and wait for shipping. Of course, the store has to have the parts on hand. Other than that, they can build the system however you like. In the past, the stores could only add RAM or Airport cards (before they were standard gear).



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I’ve been trying to order the 3ghz for over two weeks now. It was supposed to be shipped today. This is after they have screwed up the billing 3 times and overdrafted my account. I was told last night that “it might be shipped out tonight” NOPE. Delayed a week. Why would a company advertise a release on a new product and not have it available for sale??? By the way the Apple retail stores CANNOT sell you what you want, they don’t have it. Love apple computers and would never use anything but. They definitely get a F for customer service though. I’m beginning to think I should just settle for the 2.66 so I can actually get a new computer today. Unbelievable.

Mike Ishi

I am posting this on my Mac Pro. I love this thing! It’s really as fast as it’s spoken up to be. Amazing piece of machinery.


Hi Mike, you commented on another forum (Google Mobile App) that many reviewers didn’t understand the point of Google Mobile and that it searched contacts and emails etc. I have a questions for you…does Google Mobile search the body of emails (meaning a contextual search)? I synch my iPhone with Outlook and I would like an app that can perform a contextual search of my mails, docs etc. Does Google Mobile really do this? Or does it still just search contact name and G Mail? Many thanks for feedback.


> Then I proceeded to open every application
> using the classic select all – command ‘o’ method

of course, you do know that cmd arrow-down does the same, right?

sometimes im surprised how many power users dont know that most extraodinary short-cut… it took me a few months into Mac OS X to figure it out by accident…



Called the Apple Stores here in Palo Alto and San Francisco, both said they can only upgrade RAM, and neither store would have any 3 GHz systems until the first week of September.. so I won’t cancel my order just yet. :)

Eli Horne

brain functioning slowly. need sleep. third possiblity: running photoshop in rosetta? if it runs functionally fast there as well then it is truly an amazing computer.

Eli Horne

uh.. i’m sorry. did I just read that you tested photoshop booting up on the new intel mac pro? are you saying that you tested “similarly sized” programs with “similar resources” or is that apple store privvy to something that i’ve been desperatly needing since I got my macbook?


My local apple store told me for all Mac Pros they can install only RAM at the moment. Though they will be able to install new HDD’s and other products in the upcoming months. The rep on the phone told me around January or when Leopard comes out.

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My local Apple Store says you can get the education discount in-store, but apparently only on hardware, not software. I was pleasantly surprised, but ordered my MBP online, because I wanted the refurbished 2.0ghz (enough) with 256mb of VRAM – that configuration is no longer available new (unless there’s a secret way.)


The only way you can get a custom one earlier is if you order a base model and then purchase the other parts seperate. The X1900 video card and Airport adapter are creating the delay, not the towers themselves.


just called my local apple store in troy, michigan and they informed me the only thing they can do is install extra ram… if i want anything else, i have to order custom config. directly from apple… as i really want one of these but would like to make a few ordering tweaks, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… is quoting me 3-4 weeks for delivery and that is simply too long…


The system comes with a marched pair of 512MB giving it 1GB. They added a matched pair of 1GB chips giving it a total of 3GB.


Why did it only have 3gb of RAM? I thought they were supposed to have matching pairs for optimal performance.


I had the same experience today. I purchased one online and am waiting on it to arrive (Sept. 20th). I currently have a 1.8GHz iMac G5 and the difference was incredible. Granted, I never used one of the quad G5s, but the Mac Pro is fast… really fast. Some basic simple filters and processing in photoshop seemed pretty quick to considering it is not a native app. Overall I am happy to have purchased it and can’t wait for it to arrive.

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