“I’m a Tablet PC. I’m a Mac.”


Tabletpcvsmac_smallThis is a hysterical spoof on the recent "I’m a PC. I’m a Mac." series of commercials. This time, it’s a Tablet PC kicking a Mac’s behind with the premise that you’re more productive with a Tablet PC and that a Mac isn’t for "work". I don’t agree with the "a Mac is all for fun and video stuff", because you can certainly be productive with a Mac; nonetheless, the lack of a tablet from Apple is a perceived gap.

Maybe it’s just me that sees that gap; what do you think? Should Apple produce a Tablet PC? What benefits over Microsoft-based tablets would you be looking for?

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Yes Ron, I’m sure everyone wants to carry around a laptop *and* a tablet, so that they can do some note taking on their Mac laptops.


Compaq tablet pc 1100 is probably the slowest computer I ever tried. Waste of cash. I have clamshell mac 300Mhz, and it works awesome – i wouldn’t change it for ANY pc

Lorie Ghamy

Yes Mat for Inkwell,

But 2.36 Kg for the Mackook Intel and 750 G for a A5 Wacom is equal to 3 Kg. I prefer my 780 g Samsung Q1 with interactivity direct on screen !

For those with a six months live for their fresh WIndows XP installed. Put “My documents” on another partition (via Properties) and…Try whole backup system after important softwares (for you) installed ((backup with DriveImage, Ghost….). Just 15 mn for your whole system ready to go at the next install !

Astounding, isn’t it ?

Ron Evry

Oh yeah, Wacom also makes a bluetooth tablet — you know, bluetooth comes with all shipping Macs (except the high end Mac Pro, where it’s a $29 option). Of course, I’m certain all the “business” PCs from Dell, etc., come with Bluetooth built-in, right?

Fahad Fateh

I was a fan of windows tablets. But when I started reading about Apple products I knew what I wanted.

I side with those who want an Apple tablet.

My two cents, Apple will launch a tablet when they know that they are really way ahead of the others. And don’t think thats to far because of their hard work on Newton.

Infact I am hoping for one on the 25 of september.

Hail Apple.

; )

Ron Evry

It’s not a big deal. Pop a Wacom on your Mac, and “Inkwell” becomes active. Works like a charm.

Is it possible that this spoof ad was produced by people who know nothing about Macs?


Hmmm… that’s not too hard. Let’s see — my TabletPC is almost a year old. Still running the same (albeit heavily patched) version of WinXP it came with. It’s starting to get “gummed up,” so time between reboots is getting shorter. I noted the other day that it took about twice as long to come out of hibernation on my Tablet as it did to cold boot my Mac Mini and get to work (yes, same amount of memory… let’s not go into how the 1.42GHz Mini with 512 feels substantially faster than the 1.2GHz/512 Tablet). Don’t get me wrong — I love my Tablet’s form factor and the things I can do with it, but I tell folks interested in it that the main thing wrong with it is it runs Windows.
Not looking forward to the forthcoming rebuild of Windows I’m going to have to do to clean the machine up; let’s just say I’ve never had to do that on my Macs, so the idea of wasting a few days on this doesn’t strike me as “productivity enhancing.” Hopefully nothing goes wrong…

Tablet PC User


Nice video. I love it! 100% true. XD

What did you do with your avatar? It’s HIDEOUS! You look like a hippie! UGGHH!! :'(


I don’t understand people who say the Mac can’t be used for work. I’m far more productive on the Mac than I ever am under Windows or Linux. No configuration or virus issues, the machine just runs. And I can pop up a terminal and run perl, or ssh, or rsync – all the fun unix tools are native.

I spend most of my time on the windows side trying to get the machine to keep working. I work with the virus spam malware service of the month more than I actually get work done.

I do need SQL server and MS Access support (because that’s what we use here), so I’m stuck with Windows for that. And I run outlook because it works better with Exchange Server – even tho that’s a whole other nightmare.

I owned several Newtons. I would buy a powerpad the day it was released. Especially if it was around the size of a Newton.


Just to toss this one out… I have an Apple Tablet, but it runs an OS that doesn’t really exist on many machines anymore. As I write, it’s connecting to the desktop OS X machine via bluetooth, upgrading some software so that I can send OPML files (readable in any well-respected outlining program) back and forth. It’s a Newton. I still use mine every day, but will ditch it the instant Apple brings out a REAL tablet computer. Sigh.

Steve Nagel

In fact, Macs are not about work even when we are working on them. What Apple could do with tablets is what they do so well: make work feel like play. And the tablet form factor is cool and playful. I would delight in bringing a tablet to the local coffeehouse and do some light research and reading. Whereas, if I set up my laptop (which I have given up doing). it sits between me and whomever is nearby. A laptop impedes conversation; a tablet would not. In fact, a tablet could be designed to be handed around. I realize that coffeehouses are filled with old guys like me and younger geeks peering at laptops at least pretending to be “connected,” but to me a coffeehouse is as much about genuine connectedness and community, as it is virtual connectivity. As much about the real people I bump into than it is about online events. More about play than work. Let Microsoft have the work world; it’s dying, dying, dead. Compare: James Carse’s FINITE AND INFINITE GAMES, http://www.worldtrans.org/pos/infinitegames.html. It should be Apple’s credo.

Kevin C. Tofel

Logically, that argument makes sense, but let’s apply a similar one to the MP3 player market a handful of years back. Apple had zero percent market share and yet they defined and built the market by designing and building a great product. Perhaps there’s an opportunity here for Tablet PCs as well? Thoughts?

Realistic Consumer

I don’t think it’s worth the investment for Apple to make a TabletMac.
Tablet PC’s overall market share is about 1.5% of all portable computer sales this past year. If you apply that ratio to Apple, they would have sold about 7500 TabletMacs in the last quarter (3rd). Do you seriously think that Apple would develop and manufacture something that has the potential to sell 30,000 units in a year!?!??

Frustrated Consumer

As an owner of both an M200 Tablet and a Mac, I would love to have an Apple tablet. More than once I’ve had my Tablet freeze on me while taking lecture notes in class. Rebooting during a lecutre does not make one feel productive. If I could gain the high availability and low maintenance of my Mac with the functions of a tablet I’d drop my M200 in a heartbeat. I’ve spent too much time tweaking StartupCop/MSconfig, spy scanners, virus scanners, Desktop Search, etc. trying to make things both stable and useable. Usually I just end up re-installing every 6 months – when the M200 feels like allowing me to boot off the CD – a clean image and re-install everything. So instead of studying, or enjoying a walk I spent my time trying to keep my tablet alive. Curse you StudentTabletPC.com for convincing me to buy one! ;-)

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