Where am I?

I awoke this morning sweating profusely. The air conditioning is on so I must be sick. Or am I? Actually, where am I? Why does everything appear flatter, but bolder and more colorful? Something isn’t quite right, but I can’t put my finger on it. Wait…..I can’t feel my fingers.

I jumped out of the bed with hardly any effort at all; it was as if I jumped six feet in the air and landed on the floor with just a thought. I have the sensation of weightlessness as I float through ether.  I’m nervous now and looking out my window. Why do I see familiar faces of beings that aren’t…well….human? There goes a rabbit but he’s walking on two feet, not four. I spot two mice holding hands and…they’re wearing clothes. Something is very wrong…and I just know that if you continue reading, I’ll be sucked into this world forever, where ever "this world" is. Everything….appears…..inky….

NOOOO!!!!! I understand it now….just as you clicked the button it hit me, but I couldn’t stop it from happening!!! I’ve used a Tablet PC too much; not only have I inked again and again and again, but I’ve become ink. Why did you have to click….why……why…why…you’ve banished me as an icon to the cartoon world. No….I know what happens next. If enough of you made it here I’ll be permanently affixed to the sidebar. As a true "mobile tech icon". We cartoon characters prefer the term "icon". Just sayin’…



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