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DivX Launches Its Own YouTube, Stage6

DivX, the video company well known for its coding and compression technology, quietly launched a YouTube-style online video sharing community, Stage6, a few weeks ago. While there seems to be no end to the video-sharing sites out there, DivX’s site already has a pretty impressive set of high quality videos. Check out the difference between that well known “Dancing” video on Stage6 vs YouTube’s (sorry to make you see those jerky moves twice.)

The company is already touting a “hot 6” videos section on its site, highlighting the most popular videos. Users rate each others videos with ‘mod points’ and develop ‘Karma’ based on how much they participate in the community. More Karma can bring more privileges. Company FAQ says Stage6 will give video makers a cut of some of the revenues that videos receive. Site “channels,” also already feature professional content made by video game channel G4, music videos and Diggnation clips.
We could only watch videos by downloading the DivX media player, and video makers can only upload content with DivX-encoded files — both of which can be a barrier to wide adoption. Right now all the content is offered for free, but the company says they are working on a download-to-own service. A major boost for Stage6 could come from the 1,800 consumer electronics models (mostly DVD players) that use DivX’s technology, and DivX says Stage6 content can be played across those devices.

Stage6 could be just another way to ride the buzz of video sharing sites like YouTube. DivX registered for an IPO in May that could raise as much as $135 million, so perhaps this is part of the overall plan to make a public splash. In its S1, the company says it needs to strengthen and maintain its brand. Though, we’re not sure Stage6 is the way to do it.

Other video sharing sites are also targeting the Internet video quality gap. We got a pitch from a company called today, which says it is launching in a few weeks and is aiming for the high-quality Internet video market. Instant Media is looking to tap similar users too. Companies working on peer to peer architecture could also have an edge in splitting up bandwidth.

Maybe DivX can use its future IPO funds to help boost Stage6 beyond a me-too site for quality videos. We plan to talk to company execs next week, and we’ll bring you more details then.

45 Responses to “DivX Launches Its Own YouTube, Stage6”

  1. Hey what happened to Stage6? why it,s shut down? that was a great webpage. Do you know any other webpages similar to stage6? they say go to veol but it,s not the same.

  2. Keep Stage 6 Alive!

    The Stage6 DivX Community Forum is online now for all stage 6 members to stay in touch and keep up to date with whats going on, hopefully we can work together here and keep the community alive and get stage 6 going again. Thanks to all the great uploaders and posters and stage 6 members that are the people that made stage 6 the best site on the net.

    Keep in touch here,and please pass the address on to other ex stage6 members you know, stage6 was a massive community and there were lots of online friends and contacts surrounding stage6.

  3. stage6 has best quality videos and i simply luv them.however ther r sum videos which i can’t find there but there is no compromise on quality on this site.whereas youtube sucks,if i download a video there using url then i really hav to repent not just of buffering after which i was able to download(buffering takes very looooong)but even quality is not worth the wait….

  4. stage6fetch – A leech script to download stage6 movies

    A PHP script to download Stage6 movies, even as bulk. It can,
    * Fetch URL of a given movie playback page
    * Fetch URLs of latest videos from the homepage of Stage6
    * Fetch URLs of videos contained in any page (be it tag view, or search)
    * Build HTML download page with title, download URL and a small thumbnail of each video.

  5. yeah, Stage6 is very good indeed if you have the connection speed to back it up; half an hour of video is ca 400mb…

    ..and they have nice upload speed so no worries there, you can stream all the nicely :)

  6. I signed up for Stage6 about 2 months ago
    works perfectly on FireFox and Internet Explorer(in order to watch the videos on Stage6 ,you need to instal the free DivX Web Player)
    Stage6 might not be as popular as YouTube ,it’s much better.
    on YouTube ,the videos are really small ,and if you play them in full screen…lets not talk about the quality
    Stage6 has bigger resolution
    so i personally think that Stage6 is better

    (ofcourse ,that’s just my opinion)

  7. Hi everyone…
    I´m new at this and just wanted to ask…
    Are there more website similar to stage6???
    Any other website where you can watch videos???

  8. gang chain

    Stage6 is a joke. A short while back they introduced their new Beta version to the whole world without Beta testing. What a mess. Nothing but problems. You can’t upload. Trying to upload either has an internal error or it just time out. You can’t download. Constant interruptions and downloads will not pick up where they left off. Streaming videos is slower then a snail, most of the times it stalls and won’t even play you have to restart the video. I am in total amazement a “so-called” professional company would go about introducing their upgrades in this fashion. Stage6 gets mine countless other people I know a two thumbs down.

  9. Need to download a player and activate DirX

    Took along time to buffer

    Maybe you could try this link, will play content within 5 seconds if you have Java

    This is a sample that is a virtual tour of a 16,000 SF house. You will notice the ability to go directly to a room or the backyard by clicking on the view of your choice. If you would like additional links to play with including full leanght feature films you can respond on this blog site or email me at [email protected]

  10. Ummm…did any of you notice that Stage6 is in alpha stage.

    it works fine on my Mac in Firefox and taking 5 seconds to download a plug in for great quality, full screen and download capability doesn’t seem that big of a deal.

    Change is good people.

  11. Flash video quality is really crap. Flash shows really low quality compared to the bandwidth that it uses.

    Until H264 becomes faster to decode and encode, then nothing is better than DivX Mpeg4.

    Stage6 just needs to implement Subscription and BitTorrent p2p in their DivX Player application, and it will be perfect, because there will be unlimited amount of DVD and HD quality video on Stage6 and comparable video-blogs, and it will be distributed using p2p so DivX doesn’t have to pay out so much for bandwidth, just as Youtube does with its 1 million dollar monthly bandwidth bill.

  12. I’m not going to repeat the comments regarding not being able to watch anything in Firefox, and, when I opened the site in IE, I was prompted to install an activex plugin, which of course, I’m not going to do.
    The success of Google Video, YouTube, etc… is due to the use of Flash Player, which almost everyone has installed (
    Stage6 isn’t going anywhere with making users install this software. This is clearly a step back.

  13. Air Max

    Looks like a combo of this article and appearing on the Digg homepage dugg Stage6 a hole tonight.

    The quality does indeed look better than any other video site out there (when the servers were working) and the ability to download is nice. The real exciting feature that I read about is the ability for me to set prices for my videos and sell them!

  14. FF describes the plugin as unknown — looks like the Divx folks need to reach out the the FF developers for FF2.0. Oh, and as of 12:30am PST the Stage6 site is incredibly slow to load. Perhaps it’s a bit too early to mention S6 and YouTube in the same sentence — capacity wise they aren’t even on the same planet…

    It was nice to see larger/sharper video. Does this mean that folks making video submissions are going to need to use better equipment than what currently passes for video on YouTube?

  15. Nice find Katie.

    One issue is that I couldn’t get the site working at ALL under OSX on Firefox or Safari… if you have to download a codec/plugin and the site STILL doesn’t work then they’re not going to have a very high adoption rate.


  16. It’s good that you can see something a bit new on the market. On the other hand – the quality isn’t much superior to what Flash Player 8 already offers… Yes, I know about the quality on youtube/google/etc, but the video there follows the rule of SISO (Sht In > Sht Out), plus – it’s using the most comaptible Flash Player’s 6 Sorenson codec, so that linux boys don’t complain.

    That said I have to admit that I love the size of this video compared to youtube for example.