Broadband Content Bits: TBS Broadband; ABC News-iTunes; MGM-iTunes; Google-MTV


Google & MTV Networks Streaming Starts: The deal, that was announced two weeks ago, has started…
TBS Launches Broadband Site: TBS is launching two new broadband channels, Laugh Lab at, to launch this fall, and, scheduled to go live on Wednesday during the network’s broadcast of “World’s Funniest Commercials.”
ABC News Clips on iTunes: ABC has begun selling archived news clips on iTunes Music Store…$1.99 a piece. NBC started selling news clips in May.
MGM tunes TV to iTunes: MGM Studios made its iTunes with episodes of sci-fi series Stargate: SG-1 and sequel Stargate: Atlantis. The first five episodes from the latest seasons of both shows are online now, and subsequent episodes will be available for download within 24 hours of their broadcast on the Sci Fi Channel.
NBC’s “Today” Concerts on iTunes: “Today’s” Friday, August 25 John Mayer live concert will be made available in its entirety – along with some special behind-the scenes footage – as part of “NBC News On Stage,” which debuts on iTunes Tuesday, August 29. Partners With Showtime: Video sharing site has partnered with Showtime Networks to cross promote Showtime’s series Weeds..inviting users to submit their own video clips.
Los Angeles Gets New ‘Code’ Word: Code Networks expanded its programming resources and staff to support the launch of content specifically targeting the young and wealthy of LA. A weekly interview show hosted by SuChin Pak, best known for her work on MTV, will be one of the highest-profile new programs.
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