YouTube: Home Page Video Ads, Sponsored Channels

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Yet more on YouTube... It’s introducing video ads on its home page and dedicated channels for advertisers – Warner Bros Records has the first of these today plugging Paris Hilton‘s ‘music’ album with a video promo. “Hey YouTubers – it’s Paris.” I think I preferred the Coke/Mentos vomit clip. Anyway, WSJ reports that Fox Broadcasting will promote Prison Break alongside the Paris ad – splitting that revenue with Warner. For home page slots, advertisers will pay for views rather than clicks. As this LA Times piece says, giving advertisers their own channels gives advertisers more control over their content, but still isn’t addressing the biggest challenge – directly making money from user-created content. YouTube’s senior marketing director Julie Supan is quoted as saying that users don’t seem to mind this commercial intrusion, yet there must be some fallout, eventually, from what she enthusiastically describes as the blurring between entertainment and advertising. The ‘do viewers need to know when they are being marketed at?’ discussion continues.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.

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Mike – Paris ain't the first video ad, but is apparently the first advertiser video channel on the site.

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