Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2 released!


Woot!  Those of you who installed Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0 preview to enable instant search capabilities in Office 2007 Beta 2 have been putting up with horrible performance hits and the utter lack of a UI just like me.  It’s time to rejoice as WDS 3.0 Beta 2 has been released and according to Microsoft here’s what it fixes:

This release is an update to the Beta Engine Preview release of Windows Desktop Search 3.0. The most noticeable improvements include full Desktop Search UI, 64-bit support, and better performance.

I am going to install it right after posting this. 

UPDATE:  I just installed it and look what’s back!  It might be my imagination but my whole system seems snappier.  The Sony U only has 512 MB of memory and the indexing of the previous version would bring the system to its knees and that hasn’t happened yet.




Dave Erwin

Just a heads up for OneNote 2007 users. After installing the new beta OneNote now says that WDS is not installed properly. Repairing OneNote seems to straighten it out.

Stu Gisburne

Looks like my old indexes were deleted when I installed the new beta. Now in Outlook 2007 the search returns no results for anything I type in. I am forcing an index now to see if that clears things up.


This software slowwwwwwwwed down my PC somewhile back but I might give it a try just to appease my curiosity.

Dan Carter

Great news jk! I uninstalled the original version just 3 days ago. Couldn’t put up with the system drain any longer. I’m hoping this version is something we can live with.

Have you notice if it functions any better with OneNote 2007? Even though I had it working, it was much slower than the Find in OneNote 2003.

Thanks a ton for the heads up.


here is something thats odd.
If you have firefox set as your default browser, click search web button in Desktop search, and it opens a new page in Firefox with a list of every file in the root of your C drive.

If you have IE as the default browser, click on search web button and it opens google.

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