Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2 released!

Woot!  Those of you who installed Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0 preview to enable instant search capabilities in Office 2007 Beta 2 have been putting up with horrible performance hits and the utter lack of a UI just like me.  It’s time to rejoice as WDS 3.0 Beta 2 has been released and according to Microsoft here’s what it fixes:

This release is an update to the Beta Engine Preview release of Windows Desktop Search 3.0. The most noticeable improvements include full Desktop Search UI, 64-bit support, and better performance.

I am going to install it right after posting this. 

UPDATE:  I just installed it and look what’s back!  It might be my imagination but my whole system seems snappier.  The Sony U only has 512 MB of memory and the indexing of the previous version would bring the system to its knees and that hasn’t happened yet.




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