Samsung Q1b user manual: UMPC could get a CPU boost to 1.5 GHz!


Q1buserguideYesterday’s breaking news of the Samsung Q1b indicated a Via C7-M processor; Carrypad now has a link to the new device manual for your reading pleasure. Of interesting note is that the manual specifically states a Via C7-M ULV processor: keyword being ULV. According to the Via C7-M product page, the ULV flavor of the C7-M provides for a CPU speed of 1.0 to 1.5 GHz with a 400 MHz front side bus. The current Q1 model runs a Pentium Celeron M at 900 MHz, so we should see a processing performance boost along with better battery life in the Q1b!




The C7-M at 1.5 is reported to be about equivalent in performance to an 800mhz Pentium 3-M. So it may not be any performance increase, but should certainly be a battery life increase, if only a few minutes.

Stu Gisburne

Major bummer. The Q1 mics are really good too. Much better than the ones on my LE1600. One thing though. If I use the Q1 voice recorder, the audio capture is really good, except it captures the soound of the hard drive writes. I assume this is the audio capture writing to disk every 2-3 seconds.


According to the Q1b manual, the array mics are gone. It has a new Mic IN input on the left side.

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