Nokia’s Shah On Mobile Brilliance


Kamar Shah, the head of industry marketing of Nokia, has provided an insight into Nokia’s mobile games strategy at the GCDC. “According to Shah, Nokia’s new online gaming strategy would be over the air (OTA), meaning availability at certain hotspots, over the internet (OTI), for easy uploading from PC via USB, and out of the box – either preinstalled on new cellphones or delivered on the CDs shipped with them.” Nokia also backs the trial version model of promoting games, and adds on a way to share your thoughts on the game after you buy it… “Try, Buy and Review”. It’s also planning a Nokia-hosted portal to “allow gamers to have communities around the games, and share their experiences with each other”. Which fits in with the idea that a mobile phone is primarily a social device.
It’s also good to see that at least some executives at Nokia see the funny side of the companies insistence that it doesn’t sell mobile phones…”Shah started off by asking who in the room has a multimedia computer in his pocket, laughing that there still weren’t big enough pockets for this to be the case.”

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