Marvell-ous: WiFi and Bluetooth on a single chip


Marvell_logoSo what has Marvell been up to since they bought Intel’s mobile chip unit in June? How about mashing up a little WiFi with some Bluetooth on a chip? The company just announced today that they have the world’s first WLAN plus BT chip for high-volume consumer markets in the their 90-nm CMOS 88W8688 chipset. According to the press release this is a:

"single chip solution for cellular handsets, battery-powered media players, portable gaming consoles, smartphones, PDAs and ultra-low-power computing platforms.  Expanding on the Company’s growing success in offering low-power, small footprint WLAN solutions to the consumer market, Marvell leads the industry with the first WLAN plus Bluetooth solution that offers leading edge integration, extensive host offload capability and advanced co-existence and power save modes  – with a footprint of less than 80 mm3.  The Marvell 88W8688 will dramatically extend the battery life of consumer electronics devices, enabling a new level of mobile consumer broadband experience."

I’m thinking the footprint is squared not cubed, but then again, maybe I can’t envision the shape of devices to come. Anyway, it’s all good news otherwise with support for Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and offloading of wireless radio duties from a CPU.




I look forward to the day that all DAP/PDA/PVP/ABC/123/You and Me/etc devices will be able to connect wirelessly to computers, networks and headphones. I hate that I pretty much have to use a cellphone if I want built-in Bluetooth from a media player.

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