HP Repair Watch- Day 2

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I returned home from a full day of meetings all over town to find the aforementioned return box to ship the HP tc1100 back to HP for repair.  The box is fitted for the tc1100 exactly with foam cutouts for the AC adapter and battery that they require returned since the problem is the Tablet PC won’t turn on.  The shipping label that brought the box to me is a clever design that peels off, the top part of which becomes my receipt with all pertinent information about the unit and the case #, and the bottom goes in the box with the device.  I called UPS as per the instructions and they should pick up the Tablet tomorrow and whisk it away to Huntsville, Alabama for repairs.  More as it unfolds.


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Bill Anderson

I have recently had to deal with HP with regard to a warranty repair on my Compaq laptop. It started badly — they sent me someone else’s computer 2 days after I sent mine in — which I then had to send back some 2.5 weeks later. In the meantime, they evidently either lost or could not find my laptop, so they ordered a refurbished unit for me. I had trouble with the refurbished unit, and now I am sending that back. But the story has a happy ending. HP is sending me a brand spanking new laptop with current specs. While this repair saga makes me laugh when I am not crying, at least HP is making good on the situation. I will definitely buy from HP again, even though this situation has been trying.

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