Freeware of the moment: Battery Eater


Battery_eaterPower consumption continues to be a major discussion point for mobile devices, and I came across Battery Eater ’05 this morning. This free application will test your mobile computing device’s battery by running it down completely while monitoring and later reporting the results. According to the product page:

"During the test it heavily loads CPU, RAM, HDD and videocard. Additionally, the program shows system information, which includes AC status, battery name, type and manufacturer, CPU, RAM and display info, etc."

I’m charging up Sammy’s battery right now in the Samsung Q1 UMPC and will fire off the test once we’re at 100% juice. While Notebook Hardware Control extrapolates the remaining run-time based on real-time power consumption, I’m curious to see what Battery Eater shows.



Kevin C. Tofel

Coming soon today, I promise. I did run the test BUT I had my WiFi turned off. I may post the initial results and then add a follow up….


Amtek t700 results, wifi on:
Total time 1:28:15
Discharge rate (minimum) 11426 mWh
Discharge rate (maximum) 11426 mWh
Discharge rate (average) 11426 mWh

wierd thing was a suddent trop in last 15 minutes…

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