Buy a Slingbox, get Slingbox Mobile for free!


Sling_mobileYou can’t beat a free deal and Sling Media just announced one. If you purchase and register a Slingbox player between August 15th and September 16th, you get a free license for the Slingbox Mobile client! The mobile software normally sets you back $29.95, so this is a sweet deal; there’s nothing like catching up on some live or recorded television when you have a few minutes and your mobile handheld, UMPC or smartphone.

Speaking of smartphones, Sling also released their mobile player for the Windows Mobile Smartphone edition today as well. It’s a double-dose of Sling news! If you’ve waited to buy a Slingbox, now might be a good time to take advantage of that free mobile client.

UPDATE: It IS a triple dose of Sling news thanks to Dave Zatz: a new beta version of the PPC Sling Mobile software is available to try as well. Dave reports better throughput and picture quality, which is a win-win in my book!



Dave Zatz

Actually, it’s a triple-dose! Sling also released a beta (v1.1) of the PPC edition today which I find greatly improved on my 6700.

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