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Zapr Joins The P-P2P Party

Zapr, a Sydney, Australia-based peer to peer file transfer company is about to launch and open its service to beta customers. The company is one of the latest to join a new breed of online file transfer services, we have labeled personal P2P applications.

Pando, Perenety, Peer Factor, and Wired Reach are some example of such services. I have come across a few other companies since my previous post – YouSendIT and Civil Netizen. I am also looking forward to learning more about AllPeers, a Firefox extension that will allow users to send and receive files.

Zapr, which only works with Windows XP, is as easy to use as an IM client, and mimics that user experience. Interestingly, it doesn’t make the recipient of the files download a client. You can try it for yourself. Michael Liubinskas, Zapr’s head of marketing and business development was in town last week and gave us a demo, which seemed simple enough and worked flawlessly over a Starbucks/T-Mobile WiFi connection.

Pando, seems to be the market leader in this space and has a million installs so far. That service works on Windows and Mac OS X, and has plugins that make big file transfers possible from within the Yahoo IM and Microsoft Outlook clients. We have been using it for a while now to send big PDFs and image files.

3 Responses to “Zapr Joins The P-P2P Party”

  1. Hey Om, hi Ash.

    Zapr is just trying to be a really simple and straight forward utility to increase your sharing options. Early days and we appreciate the feedback.



  2. Hi Om –

    I would classify Zapr and BoxCloud (WiredReach) as “peer to web” services versus “peer to peer” as there is no peer application client on the other end – just a browser.

    Also, not sure what Zapr’s take is, but we see BoxCloud more as a collaboration application (with branding, comments, tags, etc.) than just a file transfer service – allowing users to keep their content local while being able to selectively share with clients and coworkers.