Sprint launching Palm Treo 700wx with EV-DO tethering


Treo_700wxWord on the street and over at the::unwired is that Sprint will launch the Palm Treo 700wx Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone later this week to business customers, followed by a consumer launch about a week later. The timing appears just about right since rumours were that Verizon’s Palm Treo 700w exclusitivity was around six months and we saw the Verizon launch back in January. I know that many Sprint customers have been waiting for this EV-DO equipped Treo; let’s see how Sprint handles the whole tethering scenario…actually, check that statement. Take a look at this pic of the box provided by TreoCentral: it’s fuzzy but I can read this statement, “Phone As Modem Enabled. Get internet access anywhere on the Sprint wireless data network. Simply connect your Treo 700wx to a laptop computer using the included USB cable.” Well, that answers that if you purchase the Sprint data plan….any comments Verizon?



Muliadi Jeo

My PPC 6700 has been buggy on the voice side of it. Therefor I am really considering to replace it with this Treo. However, I heard from my friend that the response time on this little machine is a bit slow. I am wondering whether I should wait for Moto Q or Treo will be a better choice.

Kevin C. Tofel

It’s not earth shattering, but the fact that you can tether it out of the box PLUS the memory is double that of the Verizon Treo 700w offering is good news for Sprint folks.


I am not sure if we are suppose to “gasp” or what!. This an “old” form factor device and the screen size limits the potential of WM5. I hope Sprint follows the foot steps of Cingular and supplies us with the HTC Hermes

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