Sprint launching Palm Treo 700wx with EV-DO tethering

Treo_700wxWord on the street and over at the::unwired is that Sprint will launch the Palm Treo 700wx Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone later this week to business customers, followed by a consumer launch about a week later. The timing appears just about right since rumours were that Verizon’s Palm Treo 700w exclusitivity was around six months and we saw the Verizon launch back in January. I know that many Sprint customers have been waiting for this EV-DO equipped Treo; let’s see how Sprint handles the whole tethering scenario…actually, check that statement. Take a look at this pic of the box provided by TreoCentral: it’s fuzzy but I can read this statement, “Phone As Modem Enabled. Get internet access anywhere on the Sprint wireless data network. Simply connect your Treo 700wx to a laptop computer using the included USB cable.” Well, that answers that if you purchase the Sprint data plan….any comments Verizon?



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