Logitech Playstation USB mini-keyboard is perfect for UMPCs


Logitech Playstation 2 keyboardI have seen a number of blogs mention the Brando mini-keyboard for use with portables like the Samsung Q1 and thought I would mention a keyboard I have been using for over a year with the Sony U.  I found it in the local CompUSA in the game console section.  It is the Logitech USB Keyboard for the Playstation 2.  It is a small USB keyboard that is easy to carry and even easier to use.  The Brando keyboard looks very similar but you might be able to find the Logitech in a local store like I did.  These keyboards sure come in handy when you need a keyboard at boot time.  $30 at the Logitech store, cheaper in retail outlets.




Ha, ha, very funny (yet true!). *smirk* Actually, I just got back from Fry’s, where I picked up the Logitech keyboard (they had a lot of them on the shelf) for $19.99. The Logitech keyboard is much bigger than the Solidtek keyboard I bought yesterday. The Solidtek keys are pretty tiny, and their key arrangement is a bit annoying (no right-side shift key??!?). So when I saw that the Logitech keyboard had a fairly normal layout, I was very interested in seeing it.

I’m planning on posting pictures of the Solidtek keyboard that I took last night. Perhaps sometime tonight I can take some comparison pictures so everyone can see the fairly substantial size difference between the two keyboards.

Kevin C. Tofel

Oh shucks Cheryl…are you Late to the Party on this post? ;) Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Actually, I spoke to jk on the phone just this morning and he thought that the keyboard you bought from TigetDirect is a rebadge of the Logitech (or the other way around).


Doh! Wish you’d posted this yesterday, before I bought this ultra-mini keyboard from Tigerdirect (I blogged a little bit about it yesterday)… It’s really cute, but the keyboard layout is not really ideal for touch-typists. And the keys seem to need a lot firmer pressure to register keypresses sometimes. Kind of annoying… I might return it, but I’m going to try it out some more before making a final decision.

The almost normal layout of the Logitech keyboard looks a lot more appealing. And searching online, it seems to be available way cheaper than these ultra-mini keyboards that were blogged about recently — average prices around $17 – $20 instead of $23+.

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