Level3 Loves MySpace


Back in the first bubble, you know the one with optical fiber, bandwidth and broadbandits. I remember big backbone providers sending out press releases about their deals with browser makers, software giants and what not – anything to make them look hip, and be part of the Web bubble. Now we are seeing return of the same kinda press release. Level 3 sent one over the weekend about their deal with MySpace, the social networking behemoth and how it will also provide bandwidth for MySpace’s video service. Of course no mention of how much this deal is worth….


william wingo

MYSPACE – is the talk about how they are trying to limit youtube from posting /linking from their site. seem as if they have gone corporate on a great grass roots medium. thats what happens when money rules. it would be great to see if myspacers rebell and let the corporate bigwigs know that in a web 2.0 era the people are in POWER!
SOCIALIZR- http://www.socializr.com a new social networking site has os being when I tried to sign-up I got the follwing message: “Sorry, you don’t seem to be on our Gamma Testing list.” How UN social is that? It seems to already be blocking out early adapters. So whats up with being a on “A list”? who are the “A lister’s” anyway? Also,where is the Socialzr BLOG? So where’sthe beef? Myspace the #1 social networker tries to BLOCK as well as startup Socialzr. Hmm!


Om, come on now…you can’t be serious…given the different bandwidth requirements of the applications at the time of the original bubble (and their respective announcements) and the applications of the current time (See your recent post on YouTube). This isn’t a press release about signing up KMart’s Blue Light Internet traffic, or whatever it was called at the time. I believe the company released the statement more in respect for their recent shift in acquiring metro fiber assets to handle upcoming crushing video demands, than to “make themselves look hip”, as those companies certainly once did (certainly Level 3 among them). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe carriers typically report their figures on transport, as opposed to dark fiber purchases, IRUs, co -location leases, etc.


If you’re selling space on fibre pretty much all you’ve got in the marketing tank is talk.

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