HP Repair Watch- Day 1.1


So far HP gets a good rating from me, having contacted me via email within 6 hours of my posting the online service ticket.  They want me to send the unit in to them and are going to drop off a box to use within 2 business days.  Not exactly the two-day service my warranty is supposed to provide, but OK if they fix the tc1100 quickly.  Too bad they didn’t ask as I have the original box and could ship it today instead of waiting for a box to send it in.  Here’s the email text I received:

Dear HP Customer,

Thank you for contacting HP eServices.

>From the information provided in the e-mail, we understand that the unit will not boot.

We will be setting up a mail-in dispatch for you to have the TC1100 serviced in our repair center. A box will be dropped at the address provided in the case within the next two business days.

In case you do not receive the box, please contact our Status Team at 1-800-HPINVENT and select Business.

Please ensure that you back up your data prior to shipping the unit in, as our repair facilities, we may have to image the hard drive as part of the repair service. 

All passwords should be removed, including the BIOS and Windows passwords.

Note: Please send the AC Adapter as well as the Battery along with the unit as it needs to be tested in the repair facility.

Note: If there is damage that is not covered by the product warranty, there will be an evaluation fee charged if the resulting billable repair is declined. The evaluation fee is $89 and covers the cost of shipping and diagnosis of your HP product.


HP eServices

I suspect they will re-image the drive no matter what which is a shame if they don’t need to.




What I do James is use Ghost to image my hard drive before I return the unit. Just put the HD in another PC or ext case. That way if they do wipe it you can restore your data in a few minutes. Normally I would actually use the fresh image a few days to make sure the repairs were succsessful before introducing any of my possible software quirks. Being yours is DOA I think you could skip this part.

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