HP Repair Watch- Day 1


I told you about the fried HP tc1100 Tablet PC and I feel it will be useful for readers to chronicle the experience with HP repair service.  This morning at 6 AM Houston time I filed an online service request with HP through their web site.  It was a little difficult to find (maybe because it was 6 AM) but once I landed on the right page the information was straightforward.  I was able to check the warranty coverage by entering the Product # and Serial # and verified that I did in fact have a 3 year warranty.  Kudos to HP for offering the 3 year warranty as the standard for the tc1100, probably because HP classifies the tc1100 as a business computer, which in my case it is.  Here’s the warranty verification:

Tc1100 warranty

Once I had the warranty verified as existing in HP’s system I filed an online case and was given a confirmation case number.  Now we wait to see how long it takes HP to respond.  This will be an interesting experience as the huge Houston HP campus (the old Compaq headquarters) is a mere two miles from my house.  Of course, I don’t know if HP still uses the Houston facilities for Compaq tablets.




I sincerely hope you have better luck than I did a few months ago. I got a new HP laptop thru my employer and had the motherboard die on me within a month. Repeated calls to HP service finally got me a promise to replace the unit with a new laptop as HP classified this problem as “a catastrophic failure, DOA”. I could never get anyone on the phone who was qualified to both diagnose the problem and authorize a means to resolve the problem. I kept getting promises to “have someone call me back”, which never happened.

HP also didn’t have any more of the exact configuration I had purchased (higher res screen, faster proc, more RAM, bigger HD, etc., etc., — all around a better machine that the “standard” offering) and couldn’t tell me when they would get one. They were, however, more than happy to offer to replace the defective unit with a less capable one.

I ended up ditching HP support and sending the laptop to a local HP distributor. The dist. replaced the motherboard and had it back to me inside a week all under my HP warranty. I only paid was shipping to/from the dist., which was more than offset by the non-billable hours I had spent on the phone with HP “support”.

As I said, I hope you have better luck than I did. If not, consider looking up a local distributor/repair shop.

Stephen Feger

Yeah, I’ll be watching the outcome of this repair closely as I have a TC1100 as well. I had to use HP’s warranty service once with a TC1000 repair I had a couple of years ago. It went relatively smoothly, though not particularly quick.

The best I have seen of late is Lenovo. From web ticket being opened to having the device back in my office was under 96 hours. That’s simply fantastic.

Hopefully HP will provide a similar level of service to James.


Good luck getting your baby fixed. I can tell by the backposts I’ve read on the site how much you love that thing. It really seems like a sweet sweet slate.

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