Googgy Launcher for Tablet PC: nice for UMPCs too


GoogyGooggy Launcher has been around for a while, but I just gave it a try on a UMPC. It’s a program launcher geared specifically for Tablet PCs, so if it can fit into an 800 x 480 resolution, it should work just fine. Actually, it works better than fine for me; so far, I like it better than the Microsoft Touch Pack, which serves the same functions. In fact, I find that the buttons are large enough for me to use Googgy Launcher with my finger, just like the Touch Pack.

Launcher1 Once you fire up Googgy Launcher, a small windows titled “Launcher” appears. You can move or minimize the Launcher to just show the title if you want to save some screen space. When you tap or press the icon, a second menu appears underneath. This one provides six additional shortcuts that all one-touch to activate: My Start Menu, Run Programs, Open Files, Web/Lookup, Tasks/Logoff, Help/About. Clicking any of these takes you to a final menu; the idea being that all of your most used applications are only three taps away.


One very nice feature is the "Alt-Tab” function of switching apps using the touchscreen:


There isn’t much in the way of customization, although there is a tip on the Googgy Toolbar blog that helps add often used shortcuts to the My Start Menu. A nice touch is the Web/Lookup app which allows you to search the web, blogs or on-line dictionaries for the term of your choice. Additionally, the entire application runs on top of other windows by default, so it’s always accessible without using up valuable screen space on a UMPC.

Since most of the functions are very usable in an 800 x 480 resolution without a stylus, Googgy Toolbar is worth checking out via the free download trial; the full license costs $19.79.




Interesting program. I pretty much don’t use the built in launcher cause I can’t get it load before the rest of the required stuff loads up.

I wonder if this program runs better than the built in launcher.

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