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Comcast Search, Powered by Google

Kevin Burton points out that Comcast has a new search page, and looks like it is powered by Google. I did a little test – about five different searches, and results are identical. Google, in a big to get an even bigger slice of the search pie is aggressively partnering with one and all. I had alluded to a better relationship with cable carriers a while back. What next, a Comcast portal powered by Google? That’s one way of being the next Yahoo.. no?

Update: via Kevin, Comcast’s response: “In answer to your question, the is a new look for a product we have always carried which is indeed a google based search engine on our home page.”

8 Responses to “Comcast Search, Powered by Google”

  1. Whenever I enter Firefox, a Popup appears that says “Add the convenience of Comcast Search to Firefox”. There is a “Add on” button and the standard Windows “X” button to close the Popup. Problem is, the next time I fireup Firefox, the Popup reappears. In short, how do I stop this from happening?

  2. How could anybody who follows the industry not know Comcast had a Google-powered search product already? It’s interesting if they’re putting more resources into their portal and search, but it’s pretty standard for any decent sized ISP to have a Google or Yahoo web search.

  3. To clarify… Something is rotten in the state of denmark here because there’s a LOT more traffic from comcast via search. This means if it was just Comcast putting it front and center then Google would still see a search % boost.