Circuit City reps armed with Motion LS800 Tablet PCs


Motion_ccSomebody needs to tell Dave Zatz that a Florida trip is a winter-time trip; it’s too darn hot down there in the summer!  We’re just kidding; Dave is visiting family, but that didn’t stop him from snappin’ a quick pic of  the Circuit City sales folks armed and dangerous with Motion LS800s and shoulder slings. Dave, if at any time they call them “holsters” please leave the store immediately!

Nice to see a small Tablet PC integrated into the point of sale in a way that sales people can instantly pull up product information, potentially show product reviews and hey, let’s not forget finding ways for faster checkout (hint, hint)! Alas, Dave’s conversation with this tablet-totin’ dude indicated that they mainly use the computers to pull up the Circuit City website. Any chance we can mod those LS800 home screens to jkOnTheRun?



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