Requiem for the HP tc1100


So long, tc1100.  No, I’m not lamenting the discontinued status since HP has decided to drop you from production, although I’m not happy about it.  No, I’m referring to the fact that my trusty tc1100 is dead as a door-nail.  It all started yesterday afternoon while waiting for Matt Miller, intrepid co-host of MobileTechRoundup, to appear at my door.  Matt was passing through town and we were able to hook up for a couple of hours at the newly inhabited Mobile Tech Manor.  It was great meeting Matt and geeking out for a bit, although under somewhat strained circumstances.  There was a flash thunderstorm just before Matt arrived and a very close lightning strike that was so severe it triggered the panic mode of the home security system.  I got that turned off and then the real fun began.

It didn’t take me long to realize that while everything on my desk seemed to be working OK, with lights blinking and fan sounds in abundance as usual, that the HP tc1100 showed no lights at all sitting in the dock.  Nothing I have tried has resuscitated my old friend back to life.  I even tried letting it sit overnight without a battery installed and unplugged.  The power light will only come on if there is no battery inserted, but it immediately goes off again when I hit the power switch.  I have tried it with two different AC adapters, two different batteries, and the BatteryGeek Portable Power Station, all to no avail.  It seems my Tablet is fried.

So I am back where I was a year and a half ago, using the venerable Sony U71 for everything.  Popped into the dock it is a full PC with keyboard, mouse, external monitor and external hard drive.  I am going to be using it for my work and it will be interesting to see how quickly I fall back into the 5 inch screen mode.  I know that my work will suffer a little because it is hard to take adequate notes on such a small screen.  Too bad it is not a UMPC or another Tablet.  One thing I noticed when I switched way back when from the Sony to the HP, my work notes got more detailed and helpful because I could write more on a screen.

It’s a tough time to lose the HP too.  Not only have we just moved to the new house, where we are still dodging boxes (ask Matt about that), but I am in a very busy time with my work.  Wall to wall meetings everyday, three to four different venues.  I don’t even see when I can send the tc1100 back to HP for repairs, and that tells you how busy I am.

This is the reason I haven’t appeared much on jkOnTheRun this weekend.  I hope to get settled down with the Sony in tow shortly.  Thanks to Kevin for filling in for me this weekend.




James, if you haven’t sent the tablet back in, there is a way you can get your data off the hard drive if it’s any good.

If it’s an SATA hard drive you can simply hook it up to any desktop computer that has a serial ATA port and power connector.

If it’s not SATA or you don’t have access to a computer with an SATA port,

Buy that, plug it into a USB 2.0 port, and see if it will work. Plus it’s also handy to have around.

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

Damn, that’s definitely not the wisdom I was hoping for or expecting. Sorry for kidding around earlier. I honestly figured you had lost maybe a couple days of data, if any, and were stuck with a small screen for a bit, which is nothing to sneeze at but certainly not terminal. A few weeks of data though, that’s really rough. I am sincerely sorry to hear that, and of course for your TC1100 too.


Nick, Kevin may be crazy but I’m not. :)

Mark, I have redundancy built into my work for just such times as this. It’s expensive and I shouldn’t always buy equipment when I do, but it serves its purpose in an emergency. I do backup very regularly and while most of my data arrived intact I found that two pieces of my data was not backed up for the past few weeks due to some unknown file error during the backup. It goes to show even if you do automatic backups you should occasionally check the log files to make sure everything came through as you thought it did. Hopefully HP can salvage my hard drive, although I’m not holding my breath.

Losing my main Tablet is a big deal because I take pages and pages of notes every single day. As I said in the post, I can do that on the Sony but the small screen is a big limiter in how detailed I make those notes.

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

OMG! How will you get by with only your Core Duo notebook, Sony U71, and Treo 700? ;P

Sorry, couldn’t help but point out just how hooked up you are even without your tablet. It is a painful blow, especially given what a great tablet it is (I would be through-the-roof), but for nearly anyone else, this would be a critical loss, as opposed to a major inconvenience. Apparently it takes more than 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to immobilize the All-Father of Mobile Computing. :)

All levity aside though, hardware loss is one thing; software loss is another. I’m sure you have a solid backup system and backed up before the recent move, but things can fall to the wayside during transition and restoration isn’t necessarily seamless. In other words, how’s your data? Hope you can share some wisdom (and not a painful lesson) on this.

Fabian Dietrich

Sorry to read about where paper has it’s advantages, and sorry to hear about what happened to your hp. A dead Tablet can really mess things up especially when it is your primary everyday tool. I hope things get better and your tablet will be repaired quickly and without problems.


Nick Ross

And there was me thinking you’d follow in Kevin’s footsteps and leave it to the jkontherun readers to decide which tablet pc you should buy next ;)


Thanks everybody. Stu, generous offer but my tc1100 has a 3 year warranty. Now to see how well HP performs for that.

Stu Gisburne

James, I know this would be a good time for you to look at other new tablet offerings, but I thought I’d let you know that I have a TC 1100 that I could sell you. Name a fair price and I would let it go. Quick shipping.

Gordon Cahill

Too bad JK. That must really hurt. Then again this might be the time to look at a duo core tablet or an Origami, or a Sony UX.


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