Samsung Q1 accessories start to hit consumers


Janusz Gerszberg has a Samsung Q1 and was able to pick up both an extended battery and a car dock for his “Sammy”.  He says the extended battery is supplying 56610 mWh which is over twice the juice of the standard battery:

Picture 010

The car dock looks very thin and small for on the go computing:

Picture 009

Thanks Janusz for sharing these photos with jkOnTheRun!




Hello Kevin:

I had a question for you. I tried installing Vista (build 5472) from scratch (formatting the hard drive) on my Q1. The installation went fine and I got all the drivers to work OK. However, when I tried to install the applications on the Samsung restore disk, the screen went blank and I could not get the “nice stuff” to work (resolution change button, launcher application etc). Have you had any better luck with Vista on your Q1? Any tips you can share? Thanks.


Speaking of accessories, when are we going to see some cases for the UMPCs? I’ve been searching the net and the selection is poor. It’d be great if Samsung would at least release the extra cases I’ve seen advertised so far!!!


search for Samsung Q1 names.
it’s private offer, but it realized so fast: another side of the Earth in just a 4 days. of course I made paypal transfer in seconds previously.

Today I will make deeper tests of the extended battery. using continuously with gps and gprs connected all the time. will inform you how long it run finally.

Kevin C. Tofel

VeiSong, I saw in this thread and another you were asking if you should sell your Sony Vaio UX-50 for a Samsung Q1. There’s really no way we can answer that definitely for you (or anyone with a similar question). The best we can do is tell you what these devices excel at and where they fall short. The way you use a computing device could be VERY different from the way I use one. As I’ve said before, this is the “P” in PC; namely Personal. Without know what “jobs” you need the “tool” to do, it’s impossible to accurately tell you what tool will do the best job. I’m sure that doesn’t answer your question, but I hope it explains why we haven’t provided a “Yes” or “No”.

Anton P. Nym

That reminds me… I haven’t received my Q1 extended battery yet. Time to email my push- er, deal- um, retailer. Dratted snafus…

— Steve


Is it worse selling my vaio ux50 to buy q1?… Because i am not sure…


The car cradle works perfect with standard battery, don’t worry.

The problem is only with extended battery… and with hard “off roads” driving, because it is too thin to keep Q1 seriously.

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