A Weekend Newsfire Deal


When it comes to feeding a RSS jones, Mac users have a heap of options. My favorite, and the one I use exclusively, is Newsfire created and maintained by David Watanabe. From where I sit, Newsfire is a seamless melding of function and beauty. While I’d normally recommend you give an application a trial run before pulling the trigger, everyone’s got different needs and tastes, you might want to run off and buy a copy this weekend because Dave’s giving everyone who buys Newsfire a free license for Inquisitor, an instant search tool for Safari and Camino. David Feare and Jon Hicks have called Inquisitor one of three essentials every Camino user should have. It’s a sweet deal and if you’re looking to save a couple bucks you can always jump to Phill Ryu’s site where you can get 15% off the purchase. Look for his Newsfire ad.

If you already own Newsfire and you’re anything like me then you might have been a tad disappointed to miss out on the free Inquisitor deal. Well chin up cause Dave apparently anticipated this situation. If you blog about his weekend deal and send him an email giving him the where and when he’ll set you up with a free Inquisitor license.

I’d gobble up Dave’s offer. Newsfire is one of my must have applications.



The latest versions of Inquisitor and Camino are no longer compatible. Time to bail on Inquisitor.

Brandon Eley

Wow, thanks for the link. I had installed the trial but was teetering on whether to shell out the $19 to register. Getting the Inquisitor script for free was a good incentive.


The developer has already announced on his blog that he’s dropping Camino support for Inquisitor. Don’t buy it if that matters to you.

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