Yes, Virginia. There is handwriting recognition for Linux. I think.

On-line-hwrWhile I haven’t tackled the touchscreen issue when running Ubuntu on the Samsung Q1, I did stumble across something interesting in terms of handwriting recognition for Linux. I’m sure there are other potential solutions out there (I’ve heard of some for the Nokia 770, for example), but this one provided an on-line demo via Java, so it’s just fun to play with!

Paragon Software Group has a handwriting recognition system for Linux that they demo as PenReader. If you hop over to their site, you can try the on-line demo, which isn’t perfect, but works well for a web demo. The inking doesn’t appear as “tight” as the native Tablet abilities in Windows XP Tablet Edition, but it could be due to the web-based nature of the demo. Could be interesting…



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