Public beta for SPB Diary 2.0


DiaryYou don’t want to miss this if you own a Windows Mobile device. In fact, stop reading this post, click this link and sign up for the SPB Diary 2.0 public beta right now. Go ahead…I’ll wait….*whistles*…..*gets cup of coffee*….*makes the bed 3 hours late*…..

OK, you’re back. Now, I suppose I should tell you what you just signed up for, no? SPB Diary is practically the first (if not THE first) application I install on a Windows Mobile device. It’s a powerful plug-in for the Today screen with a tabbed interface for your major functions; this gives you instant access to your Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Messages right on one screen. It bascially adds muscle to what the core PIM functionality of a Windows Mobile device should do…download a trial of the current version or apply for the beta and give it a try!

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Rick Mahn

I’ve got to pipe up on the PocketBreeze option as well. PocketBreeze benefits from a longer, richer history with an enormous following. The developers are highly active in the product forums, and solicit the user base for feature requests and have many times worked one-on-one with individual users to enhance the product to their liking.

SPB Diary came along about a year ago as a copy of PocketBreeze (my opinion) along with SPB Weather, also inspired by PocketWeather another SBSH product.

I’m sure its a good product, as SPB is well known for quality software, but I believe PocketBreeze is the best of breed in this software catagory.

Kevin C. Tofel

No argument that PocketBreeze is a highly effective and similar application. Folks can download a free trial at the link Joe provided. Like most software, there’s a level of personal preference involved to see what works best for you.

Michael Nelson

I agree with Joe. PocketBreeze is a fantastic product. I’ve used it for at least 1 1/2 years now. It is feature-rich and offers great support.

My suggestion is readers try out both and see what works for them.

Joe Case

any idea as to how this compares to PocketBreeze [1]? I switched from Diary to PocketBreeze a while back due to better one-handed navigation (i.e. not using the stylus) on the Treo 700w. it looks like the beta finally has one-handed navigation but i’d be interested to see a comparison between the two.


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