New R2H views at Carrypad


R2h_carrypadSteve’s got some of the Asus R2H marketing materials which provide profile views from every side of this upcoming UMPC. There’s no docking interface, but there is an integrated Ethernet port, mic jack, headphone jack and AV-out, presumably to output digital media to another display like a TV; of course, there’s also a VGA out.

Is there a real desire for folks to output DVDs, videos or a television signal from a UMPC to a television? I can’t see the need for this as I view the media situation from the opposite perspective. I like to watch media on the UMPC by taking the input from an external signal such as a DVD drive or a Slingbox. Maybe I’ve got it backwards?




Yes, I plan to output movies to a TV and specifically the screen in my car. I go nuts on trips when my kids have DVDs laying across the floor of the car. This way, I can take tons of movies, recorded TV shows, music and keep them in a tidy package.

At home, I could see outputing recorded shows on my standard def TV in the bedroom. It will completely depend on the final image quality though.

Steve Paine

Hi Kevin.

We’ve just determined that the vga interface also doubles up as the connector for a port-bar. (Thanks to Erics comments.)
VGA, USB, spdif and LAN ar provided on the port bar. Unfortunately, its not going to be a true docking solution but it’s better than nothing.


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