Microsoft fix for Hibernation issues in XP, Tablet and WMCE


Shame on me for not mentioning this fix earlier in the week. I tend to be a “Sleeper” and not a “Hibernator”, so I scanned right past it. Thanks to jkOTR reader, Stu for keeping me in line!

If you run Windows XP WMCE, or the Tablet Edition and have a gigabyte of RAM or more, you might have received this error when attempting to Hibernate:  “Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API.” Microsoft apparently fixed this issue previously, but folks weren’t getting the patch via Windows or Microsoft Update. Microsoft now has the fix posted and available for download if you need it. OK, I’ve done my public service duty…I’m going back to “Sleep”.




Thanks a lot =)!!! Is it worse selling my vaio ux50 to buy q1?… Because i am not sure…

Kevin C. Tofel

I should note that the Samsung Q1 is not certified nor officially labeled as Vista capable at this time. I’m just stating that you can run Vista on it.


Sorry for OFFTOP. I want to sell my sony vaio ux50 and buy samsung q1. Is q1 is Vista capable?
Thank you.

Jahan Khan Rashid

Phew!! And i was about to send my Sony Vaio AR11s Back as faulty!!

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