Control your folders with Folder Marker


Folder_maker_2_1I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the plain manila-looking folders in Windows XP. You’d think that Microsoft would get out to a Staples or Office Depot and see how far the folder industry has progressed, but they haven’t. Have no fear: Folder Maker is here! The free Folder Marker application enhances your folder views by allowing you to easy change the color of folders and even assign a “work status” to a folder, similar to a task progress indication.

Folder Marker adds a “Mark Folder” option in your folder context menus, so there’s no program to search for when you want to manage a folder. Just click the option and you’ll see all of your folder marking options in a jif!


(via Download Squad)



Fabian Dietrich

I use iColor Folder, a freeware program that offers extended skinning options. On their website you can download an extra skin pack with more cool skins. Preinstalled you have skin xp (for macsters), skin macosx (for windowsers), skin vista, and skin agua (something they did theirself). The colour options are implemented to the context menu, so you can easily right click on a folder, choose “color label” and select from 8 colours; or choose “custom” which gives you stuff like “my videos” to custimize special folders. Google “icolor folder” to find and download it along with the skin pack.


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