AirG, A Mobile Network Of 10 Million Users


AirG, a Vancouver-based mobile social network provider, says it has hit the milestone of 10 million unique users, growing from 7 million users just a few months ago. Unlike social networks like MySpace and Facebook that have mobile services, AirG has no PC-based network, and works exclusively through a mobile phone interface.

This approach has allowed the company to fine tune and build niche social networks around users who don’t spend a lot of time in front of the computer. A popular community is a Spanish-language community called Conexion Latina, which has one million users in North America.

AirG’s service enables chat through text and IM, and the creation and search of photo profiles through mobile Internet access. There are a lot of startups that are pushing mobile social networks, but AirG, which was co-founded by Frederick Ghahramani, Vincent Yen and Bryce Pasechnik in 2000, has been pragmatic and has relied on simple technologies like text messaging. This simple approach (which also increases the lucrative text messaging business) has helped the company get carriers to back its service, and services are commonly branded by each carrier. It has signed up 85 operators including Verizon, Cingular, China Mobile, Vodafone, and Airtel.

Frederick Ghahramani, co-founder of the company, over the course of a lunch earlier this week said AirG had grown to enough users for population-targeted surveys. The company test-ran a survey and polled 30,000 users in 90 minutes. Ghahtamani said it brought in ten times the click through rate of online ads. (Could this be the new model of advertising online?)

Beyond polling the company is looking more into mobile marketing, both targeted ads to its users and enabling brands to create communities for marketing tools. I was thinking that the company might be expanding its business to target media brands and ad-companies because its sick of paying a high revenue cut to the carriers. Though, Ghahramani won’t discuss the financials of the company, he assures us they’re doing well. The company is privately funded.



Yeah, i really want to be able to get on boost hookt on the internet on my comp too! Hey if any of you wanna talk look me up on cool chat under: x-Angell-x!! K? PEACE!


I have a sidekick I’d and I have aboost mobile phone and I used to be on boosthook and now I can’t use it on my sidekick can some teel me how to get on my side plz send it to my email address at


I had boost hookt and now i need 2 know how to use it from my sidekick 3 ….


to access cool talk from your pc you simply have to download opera from then in the browser bar type in


The ads on Airg are very annoying to the users. Its hard to chat in a room with crazy ads popping up. Also the ads have curse words in them but the users are not allowed to say curse words or they get banned from a room. Alot of users have switched to other chat sites because of the ads.


Yes u can use computer to log in to but right now is going any more..

Animal Instinct

As far as Jen is concerned. you must have had cingular or att. cause i had cingular and cingular dropped airg. but see post above solution


u have been using airg cool chat for 9 months now,and now i cant find it in the applications menu-whats up?i just used it last night and now this morning its not there-help!!!!!!


Jennifer, I cant find it either? Can you help me and send me a link to my cell phone, I would appreciate it very much.



what if you have the Helio Ocean?? Does anyone know of a way to get there?


Well I need to know how to get on airg through my t mobile sidekick 3 I was always able to do it on my razr but I don’t know how or where on my sidekick


I need to know how I can access airg from my sidekick3… Is this possible? If so, how can I get there?


u can get on by goin 2 4 ur side kick.. just go 2 enter url.. thats wat i do on my razr and my switch back


Is there anyway to read and reply to airg private msgs on the pc?


How do I get the same boost hookt from boost mobile onto my sidek!ck?


Im and another person who is inquiring about AirG on Sidekick3’s! I have a Boost Mobile Cell and i am about 2 get a Sidekick3! On Boost Mobile itz called Boost Hookt! I know itz a different name for T_MObile users and maybe a different Name 4 sidekicks! Is there a AirG in Sidekick3’s where i can log in to the same acount that i have on Boost Hookt? I just want to be cable to talk to the same people on my Bosst Hookt but from my Sidekick3! Any1 w/answers or explanations plz email me @! Thanx to all!


I was wondering how I can get onto airg from my tmobile sidekick 3? Is there a link or something you can send me?


Yeah I had boost and loved getting on before it became boost hookt and charged money but now I have a sidekick3 and I wanted to kno if there was a url that I could use to get use airg


I used 2 have Boost Mobile and now I have T-Mobile I would always get on AirG but now I can’t is it a way I can login through my T-Mobile Sidekick?


I was able to go on airg thru tmobile but now I have a sidekick 3 I can’t find the link to be able to chat there. People send me the link but I still can’t log in. It was thru tzones but sidekick has a bundle package that doesn’t go thru that. Something about sidekicks don’t have >>wap<<…help please

Kim J

Is there some way that I can go onto AirG on my computer?


Is there a way to access AirG on the Sidekick iD?

francesca f

i have t-mobile as my cell phone carrier, and i use your air.g to chat and receive messages. Is there a way to access airg from home computer? If so, how can it be accessed? thank you.


Having an screening interview coming on with AirG, I needed to make sure the financial status of the company due to what has happened to me as a selected candidate in poorly financed company. Well, here I googled it and got this page saying $1bill./yr which sounds just a hopeful. I wanted to see the fact and the server is just too busy!


When r yall gonna add cricket to your list of phone companys that have airg chat cuz i used to have cingular then i switched to cricket and now i cant read my messages

Ken Simpson

I went to school with Fred and Vincent. I remember them staying in the lab all night working on the early beginnings of Airg back in 1999.

Airg is an amazing success story. Supported by just the tiniest dose of angel backing several years ago, they have been one of the most successful cash flow stories in the mobile space. If you can get a few minutes of their time they can validate almost any idea in the wireless space with great precision and foresight. Watch Airg carefully in the coming years. I would not be suprised at all if they end up being the first mobile content company to reach the magic $1B/year in revenue. And I also won’t be surprised to learn they got there with zero VC funding.

Airg is the Electronic Arts of the mobile space.


hey if u find out how could u pls tell me? ill do the same if i do


please let me know if anyone of u askn how to get on airg 4rm a computer. That already found out how. thank-u

Ashley Whigham

get on line on the phone and than go to the computer and see who online and type in your name or nickname

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