Tropos Upgrades Its Radios


Tropos, the WiFi mesh hardware company behind GoogleFi, and Earthlink’s city-deployments, might have been smart in cornering the market on MuniFi networks, but it also realized that it needed to upgrade in order to meet the demands of heavily-used networks. It has faced competition from other start ups who have boasted of more advanced technology and better, more reliable connectivity.

Nevertheless, the company is trying to put those doubts to rest with a new range of routers, that use multiple radios over different slices of the spectrum. The first is the Tropos 5320, due out in October, which uses radios for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, and an upgraded software, which can help boost bandwidth for users.

Other hardware will follow, the company says, and will be interoperable in the company’s existing deployments. WiFi Networking News has an indepth analysis of these upgrades. Companies like Strix, SkyPilot and BelAir Networks already have multi-radio nodes for outdoor mesh networks, and have been trying to battle Tropos for city contracts through faster more robust networks.

Sometimes technology isn’t always the key to success, and first-to-market, and major contract wins can bring a company farther. Tropos kinda knew that.

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