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Time Moves To Friday Publication; Weekend Focus For Mag, Breaking News For

In one of the most dramatic acknowledgments that digital media and changing lifestyles mean a stop to the news business as usual, Time magazine will shift to Friday publication effective January 2007. The plan calls for most magazines to be delivered on Saturday, similar to Business Week. (We currently get our home subscription on Wednesday at best, usually later in the week.) It’s part of a shift to a continuous news program with as a linchpin, described in the announcement as “part of a larger plan to reformulate the magazine and” That should cement the site as the place for breaking news and daily analysis. Richard Stengel, who recently took over as managing editor, reinforced that: “This new plan, starting with the Friday delivery date, will enable us to offer our unparalleled brand of analysis, news and agenda-setting ideas continuously and seamlessly.” In fact, the conjoined roles of the magazine and site — or as John Huey, Time Inc. editor in chief says, its ” web alter ego” — are stressed throughout the announcement.
Back to the idea of challenging business as usual, Time will be missing an opportunity if all that changes about the magazine is the publication date. Release.
— MKTW is getting a little boost; columnist Jon Friedman urged just last month that Time shift to a Thursday publication date.
Update: WSJ (sub. req.): Huey: “Nobody breaks news in print anymore. Time has broken a lot of news in the last year, and none of it was in print.”
NYT: “Mr. Stengel said the switch was one of many steps he was taking to reformulate the magazine. Another has been encouraging reporters to write in their own voice and to add their own expertise in more of an essay format than straight news traditionally allows. รข