Tapping The Right Mobile TV ‘Channel’

Whether you think it will be successful or not, mobile TV is currently viewed as the “next big thing” by most players in the telecoms industry…which has resulted in a bewildering array of technology and standards around the globe with the successful ones likely to ultimately be determined “by market forces and spectrum availability than by technological merit”.
Spectrum is likely to be a major issue in most parts of the world.
Some figures from the article:
–“DVB-H…is expected to dominate in terms of subscriber numbers in the next five years, with 121 million users accounting for 57% of the global market, according to Informa Telecoms & Media.”
–“S-DMB should have about 630,000 users in 2006”, well short of its predictions of 1 million by 2005.
–T-DMB “should have 1.45 million users in 2006”.
There’s also a good argument for 3G-based mobile TV, at least from an emotive point of view. “Most 3G operators own at least 5 MHz of TDD spectrum that they’re not using,” says Jon Hambidge, marketing VP for IPWireless. “If you look at this from the operators’ point of view, how would you feel if after all that 3G spectrum you bought, the killer app for 3G requires you to buy new spectrum?”