New WiFi drivers for eo


EoFrank (aka: Ctitanic) just updated the wireless drivers on his TabletKiosk eo UMPC; the upgrade is available direct from the TabletKiosk website. Some folks have commented that these drivers were available some time ago on Windows Update, but others have said that those installs never took. Regardless, if you’ve got an eo, you might want to check this out.

Another reason to mention this is is due to how Frank found out about this update in the first place. Gail Levy continues to shine in her role over at TabletKiosk as she sent a note to Frank (and presumably other eo owners) telling him of the update. Now an automated update mechanism would be nice, but we’ve already seen that Samsung has slipped that one up on their Q1. We can debate which UMPC is “better”, the Q1 or the eo, but Samsung can definitely learn a thing or two in customer service from the folks over at TabletKiosk!


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