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Digital Music Roundup: EMI On Zune; BearShare Relaunched; Google Music Trends; MTV VMA

EMI Licenses To MSFT’s Zune: The first official content partnership on MSFT’s new music/media portable player: EMI will provide preloaded music videos on it…this means that Zune will have video at launch, contrary to rumors.
iMesh releases legal BearShare: iMesh has luanched the latest version of BearShare, its recently acquired fellow P2P network. Among the new features are a “ToGo” portable music subscription service and social networking capabilities. Subscriptions will be free for the next 30 days, after which the service will introduce an as yet undetermined monthly fee.
Google Starts Tracking Music Trends: Google is testing out a new service as part of its Google Talk instant messaging client that tracks the music that its users are listening to and ranks the tracks by genre.
MTV’s Awards Show Goes Multimedia: On Aug. 31 awards night, besides main MTV, for the first time MTV2 will air its own version — complete with live performances of hit songs. At the same time, visitors to MTV’s broadband site Overdrive will be able to watch a backstage view of the show. Separately, mtvU, a cable channel available only on college campuses, will air a college-themed VMA program. MTV will even send updates of the show to cellphone users who have signed up for wireless content on MTV’s website.
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