AWS Auctions, $10 Billion & Counting

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The AWS spectrum auction bids are still climbing. The auction, so far has brought in over $10 billion in total bids. At Round 22, and day seven, the bidding has reached a total of $10.75 billion, with the traditional wireless carriers dominating the board — T-Mobile, with $3.21 billion, Verizon Wireless, with $2.80 billion, and Cingular, with $685.75 million.

The news that the satellite consortium Wireless DBS had fallen out of the ranks was making headlines yesterday, which our intrepid readers pointed out on Tuesday, (Thanks Jesse and DG!). But the much-talked about cable group SpectrumCo is also still in the race with $1.42 billion in bids, ranking third for highest net bids, and temporarily winning 71 bids so far, and is one of the remaining media players that seems to still be moving aggressively. The company bid $468.18 million for some New York area spectrum, $166.80 million and $81.91 million for two pieces over LA/Orange County/Riverside, and $60.21 million for a Bay Area license.

Will the spectrum auction reach past the top prediction of $15 billion from analysts? It looks like it might get there by early next week, if the bids keep on coming.

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Jesse Kopelman

I think we’re right on track to end up at $15B or slightly above.

Wireless DBS dropping out is good news for Sprint and Clearwire as it looks like the satellite guys will being going the MVNO route. I’d say this is good news for Nextwave too, if I thought they had any intention of actually building out any spectrum they buy.

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