Yahoo Photos, Biggest Web 2.0 Site Ever?

Yahoo Photos is now out of beta–so it seems that web 2.0 is really and truly coming to the masses. Yahoo is the biggest photo-sharing service out there, with 30 million unique monthly visitors worldwide, according to comScore*, and more than 2 billion hosted images, according to the company. And Yahoo Photos (not to be confused with Flickr), has an impressive array of features–drag and drop with lassoing, free unlimited storage, high-res downloads, all the social sharing stuff.

It’s not clear, but it looks as if all existing Yahoo Photo users are going to be migrated to the new service. There have been some doubts about the scalablity of AJAX, and it certainly hasn’t been tried at such a large scale. Many beta testers have complained about the slowness of the AJAX-heavy (though gorgeous) Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Photos has been pushed out the door much faster than its email counterpart, which is still trudging along in beta. In contrast, Yahoo Photos presented at DEMO in February and came out in beta in June…and now it appears to be live.

Hat tip to Elinor.

*Hitwise disagrees, putting Photobucket at number 1.


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