Tablet PC2- Why UMPCs are worth the price


Eo_i7210_detail_1Linda Epstein has written an article that addresses the primary complaint about UMPCs- the price.  The article takes a detailed look at the cost of manufacture for a UMPC device and compares that to a cheap Dell laptop (exploding battery no charge).  Linda does a good job explaining why the cost to produce UMPCs is higher than the $500 price that has been bandied about since prior to the UMPC launch, and she also makes it clear why it will be a while before UMPC devices can be produced near that price point.  It reinforces something I said in a recent MobileTechRoundup podcast– I’m pretty sure that if someone could make a UMPC-like device that could be sold for $500 that you wouldn’t want it for lack of performance.




Looking at the prices there are a few high numbers – $85 for the touchscreen in quantity! I could understand that for an active touchscreen, but the passive designs are much cheaper.

Looking at the pricing, the simplest way to get a $500 UMPC would be to kick Windows into touch and go with Ubuntu (or similar) – If they’d only have better touch support.


I still just don’t understand the use of a UMPC. They seem too big to really carry around all the time (like I do with my XV6700) and too small to get real work done. So why should I drop $1000 on one?

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