Sprint To Launch Mobile Ads Soon; VZW May Follow; Yahoo Starts Listings on Go2

Bunch of good info in this story about mobile advertising in WSJ: Sprint and Verizon Wireless have been running trials, and things will get serious now (possibly announcements coinciding with CTIA next month)
— Sprint is planning to make an announcement about its ads program in the coming weeks..it is also conducting trials of video ads, which appear for 10 seconds or so before the desired service appears.
— Verizon is also moving toward mobile advertising.
— Yahoo and go2 Directory Systems are doing a deal to put Yahoo-sponsored listings on the go2‘s service carried by VZW, Sprint and Cingular.
But these are still cautious steps: Sprint’s first priority is to make sure that advertising doesn’t produce negative reactions from customers, says Paul Reddick, the company’s VP of business development. It’s a “very measured approach,” he says. A Verizon Wireless spokesman says the company is “very protective” of its relationships with their customers.
some more good info in the story…wherever mobile advertising goes, stay tuned to us for the in-depth coverage.