Photon to change Windows Mobile usability


While the details are still under NDA, Ed Hardy provides a very insightful article about the next version of Windows Mobile, code named "Photon". According to Ed, Photon will change they way mobile users actually use their devices, simply because the way people use their devices has evolved. I remember using a stylus on the touchscreen of my first Pocket PC (a Compaq Aero) and thinking about how much of an interface paradigm shift this was. Based on Ed’s commentary, it looks like we’re headed towards another shift for a few reasons: experienced mobile device owners are tired of the stylus and two-handedness of devices and new device owners want and need simplicity. I’d agree whole heartedly and can’t wait to see what Photon brings.



Kevin White

I gotta say, I use my Treo 650 almost exclusively one-handed. I loathe having to pull out the stylus.

On the other hand, I almost always try to touch the screen of a laptop computer when I need to get something done quickly. The impulse is, if I can see it, I should just be able to go Poke!

I think thumb-able interfaces and large screens that take up all the front space of a device are not a bad idea at all.


I think Microsoft is making a big deal out this. There is nothing inovative in big buttons and one handed operations, only obvious. These are features that HAD to be there in the first place and only required minimal changes to the input handling to be active. Windows Mobile has a lot of hardcoded values( i.e no support for 320×320 is a proof of that) and thus needs a redesign for modern age. Maybe Vista blocks the way?
Hope I am wrong because PalmOS is sadly not going anywhere.

Dave Zatz

I heard Photon will be the first telepathic PDA. That why he says it’s one-handed – you have to hold it within a foot of brainwaves for navigation.

What I need are more features, not an entirely new interface. What I’d really like to see is a convergence of MS Mobile, MS SmarthPhone, and the updated MS WMP software on the Gigabeat in one device with a hard drive, jog wheel, many multi mega-pixel camera, 3G data, and clean up all these quirks and bugs. I also want extraordinary battery life.

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