Pando Reaches One Millionth Install

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Pando, the startup that has created a drag-n-drop file-sharing application, says it’s hit the one millionth install mark, in just the three months since it launched into public beta. Pando has released a plug-in for Outlook and Yahoo Messenger, and founder Yaron Samid says several other major IM and email players have approached the company to create a plug-in or power file-sharing services.

Earlier today Google said its file-transfer feature for Google Talk is now publicly available. We’ll have to put the two to the test and see if there are major performance differences.

1 Comment


Go Pando! This is a sweet little app. I’ve been testing the beta for a while and they deserve the attention they’re getting. They’re doing for file transfer what Skype did for voice chat — evolve it from a third tier feature in IM, into a high value application that “just works”. Seems to be paying off. 1 million downloads in 3 months is Skype-like growth! Are the IM giants paying attention this time around?

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