Mossberg: Disney Mobile: “Smart Idea” Works Well; Some Drawbacks


One piece of good news for Disney Mobile — a fairly positive review from the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg, who says after testing “overall, we think it’s a smart idea.” He notes three “big” drawbacks: the need to switch carriers and phones or add them; only two handset options; should be avoided by those in areas where Sprint coverage is poor. On the plus side, he found the phones and services easy to use save for a network issue that blocked GPS info from the “child’s” phone for nearly a day.
His bottom line: “Disney Mobile is good news for parents who have had a hard time cracking the whip on cellphone usage and bad news for kids who sneak calls at all hours of the night or who run up their phone bills with text messaging. If you’re looking for a way to keep better tabs on your family’s cellphone usage, this system works well.”

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