Is Nokia Forcing Apple’s Hand In Musicphones?


There’s an article here about Nokia’s recent purchase of LoudEye and the effect it will have on Apple’s supposed intent to launch an iPod-enabled mobile phone, or a mobile-enabled iPod, or whatever. There are some pretty strong arguments, based on the idea that a lot of other companies seem to be getting further ahead, but I don’t think Apple will release its product until it is good and ready. There’s a lot of expectations riding on this, and although Apple managed to distance itself from the Motorola fiasco it won’t be able to do it next time, so the company probably wants to get it right first go. Anyway, portable MP3 players had been around for a long time before the iPod, and Apple didn’t miss out then.
Perhaps more interesting: “Analysts say that Apple may now be forced to offer iTunes to other companies under license, although initial attempts by its boss Steve Jobs to work with mobile phone manufacturer Motorola were inconclusive.” I think I’ll be riding a flying pig before that happens, but I suppose it’s possible…

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