I need some mobile tech for my home office

I had a crazy idea today as I installed GAIM; I’m not claiming it’s original (but it might be) and I need some help. This is a shout out for those folks from MAKE, hack-a-day and the like as they’re the most likely to hack create a solution. Of course, if I can just buy something like this from an on-line retailer, I’m all for that too…

Here’s the the thing: as I was installing GAIM for IM on the Samsung Q1, I got to thinking about some of today’s Skype posts. I use Skype at home as well as on the road and I’ll likely start using GAIM for various other IM clients. Skype and GAIM use presence; something we’ve discussed before with twttr for your cell phone. Call me crazy or call me lazy, but I just hate setting the presence indicator on one client and after I installed GAIM, I realized I had to now set it on two.

That’s right, if I get up from my home office chair, I have to set two clients to Away or the like. Why can’t we apply a mobile tech solution to this? How about a little Bluetooth "thingie" on my belt that senses when I’m within a few feet of my desk and available? I’d even take a pressure plate on my chair if we could get some code to read the "on" or "off" mode and set my presence to Away. If I sit back down, HEY, I’m back! If I get back within three feet of my PC, the Bluetooth sensor sets my presence to Available. Anyone?!?



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