Google Talk getting upgrades like VM and file sharing?


Google_talkKatie over at GigaOm is reporting anticipated upgrades to the Google Talk service; the rumor mill includes upgrades like voice-mail, file sharing, and audio presence alerts. I tend to try most mobile services when they hit the web, but I really haven’t looked at Google Talk in quite a while. I’ve tried GT and others, but in the end, I keep coming back to Skype for the features and the ability to easily run the client on a mobile device.

I almost see Google’s Talk service as the “red-headed stepchild” out of all of the Google services. It just popped up with very basic functionality in what appeared to me as a “hey, we can put that service out there too” move. Might be a good time to ask what VoIP services folks are using these days and why. Have at it in the comments…maybe you’ll convince me to migrate away from Skype…




We all adopted Google Talk when it came out. And all dropped it. It does not support multi-party talk…that is, my 2 brothers and I cannot talk in one call. So we all dumped Google Talk and went back to Skype. I’ve e-mailed Google for almost a year now. Totally non-responsive to my request for multi-party. Hope it is part of the update, but I haven’t seen that it is.


VOIP, easy, ! Want to use it on a Windows Mobile or Palm (Treo 700p for me), no problem $0.02a minute to many international locations, and in competition with the free Skype deal, is free to many in the right situation. Best part is that you need no special equipment, it works via your regular phone, you just use the web connection to initiate it and it makes a voip call to you as well as the recipient. You can even set it for a delay call back to you.

Dave Zatz

Google lured away the lead GAIM developer, so you got to think at some point they’ll expand to include even more networks.

Most of the folks I communicate with are on AIM, though I run Trillian or Meebo to be on Y! and MSN as well. I still take care of voice via cell or landline. Call me old fashioned. ;)

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