Google Talk getting upgrades like VM and file sharing?

Google_talkKatie over at GigaOm is reporting anticipated upgrades to the Google Talk service; the rumor mill includes upgrades like voice-mail, file sharing, and audio presence alerts. I tend to try most mobile services when they hit the web, but I really haven’t looked at Google Talk in quite a while. I’ve tried GT and others, but in the end, I keep coming back to Skype for the features and the ability to easily run the client on a mobile device.

I almost see Google’s Talk service as the “red-headed stepchild” out of all of the Google services. It just popped up with very basic functionality in what appeared to me as a “hey, we can put that service out there too” move. Might be a good time to ask what VoIP services folks are using these days and why. Have at it in the comments…maybe you’ll convince me to migrate away from Skype…



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